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General informations:

This type of workshop is the most sophisticated and ideal solution for those who would like to participate in one of the workshops offered on this site. In fact, these workshops are absolutely customized to the applicant's needs with regard to location, timing, duration and contents of the workshop itself. Often you can not catch the atmosphere of a place because you may find that you have had little time available or have not been sufficiently paused for more valid photographic situations.
The customization of the workshop obviously remedies these situations because it presupposes to share the content that the workshop will have.

Content sharing and planning:

It is crucial to the success and activation of the workshop itself. The applicant will be given a rough schedule on the places and times to be respected. Such planning will then be discussed and shared between the author and the participant.


It is implied that a customized course will cost more than a collective one. And since the core feature of such workshops is flexibility, costs will have to be quantified from time to time.

Extension for another student:

For the applicant, it is possible to split the workshop costs with one or two other participants at most. In that case, the same applicant will have to take charge of the finding of the other students who will have to pay individually a quote of about the 25% of the workshop cost.
Obviously this sharing will not be possible for the living costs of the workshop such as airline tickets, rent of rooms, entrance tickets to parks, meal costs and so on. Instead, it will be possible to share, for example, the costs of teaching, fuel, car rental and anything else as far as possible.

Methods of participation:

Once the workshop has been scheduled and the dates are set, within a reasonable period of time, an advance of 50% of the total cost will be paid or, in any case, sufficient to cover the airline tickets or the expenses that must be avoided in advance. At the start, the balance will be the total.


This type is applicable to each workshop indicated on the relevant page of this site.

The program may be subject to variations depending on unforeseeable events or particular needs of the group with the consent of the organization.

Disclaimer: Each participant will be asked to sign a release (sent by mail when the workshop is completed) for any injuries that may occur while hiking. Alternatively, you can turn on a personal injury insurance whose costs will be reported later.


National park of Circeo

I live on the edge of this park, and I can always say I know him well in every bush. The National Park of Circeo is one of the four historic Italian parks, togheter with the Gran Paradiso, the Stelvio and the Park of Abruzzo. It a park full of problems, mainly determined by the fact that inside there are cities and cultivated areas. But, if you know where to look it still offers numerous photographic opportunities for both the landscape and animals, especially birds. The area is interesting for migration with many individuals and species. Any time of year is great for any kind of photography.

Period: all year
Duration: 1 day
Group: from 2 to 5 participants at least



National park of Circeo - the Tidal Pools

The promontory of Circeo offers very interesting photographic opportunities for landscape photography. In particular, there are some areas in which you have formed tide pools that are very photogenic to photograph, especially at sunset. Exposure to light of the sunset is perfect and the results are guaranteed. Also from its top the Mount Circeo offers a splendid view of the coast and in the best days, you can see the Pontinian islands and even those of the Gulf of Naples.

Period: all the year
Duration: 1 day
Group: from 2 to 5 participants at least


Ponza and Ventotene Islands

The Pontinian archipelago is located off the coast of southern Lazio, at a minimum distance of about 15 miles. It consists essentially of 5 islands divided into two groups. To the north Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone and more to South Ventotene and Santo Stefano. The ideas for landscape photography are endless and the results are guaranteed. Here, more than elsewhere, a strong knowledge of places and best times is required .

Period: June to July / August
Duration: 3 days
Group: participants 3-4 at least


Abruzzo's National Park - the fall colors

The National Park of Abruzzo is one of the 4 historic Italian parks. It extends entirely in mountainous areas and then is particularly suitable for those who love photography in the mountains. The park is interesting all year round but autumn is tinged with incredible colors. Maple, beech, birch, chestnut, elm and countless other species of plants, are colored in all shades of red and offering spectacular views. In particular, some areas of Campo Imperatore, a plateau at about 1500 meters above sea level, offer absolute performances.

Period: June to July-August
Duration: 2 days
Group: participants 4-5 at least


The Stag Belling

In October the Abruzzo National Park is filled with powerful deep sound. They are the grunts of large male deer that are competing for females and territories. In some special circumstances, and in some specific places is possible to shoot the belling and fighting among males. The period ranges from September to October but it's still very limited in time and this workshop requires advanced and punctual planning. In some circumstances, for example in case of heavy snowfall, the big males tend to get closer to population centers to escape the wolves, and then offer excellent photographic opportunities.

Period: September / October
Duration: 2 to 3 days
Group: participants 4-5 at least



The deers of the Abruzzo's National Park

The deers are now substantially present within certain designated areas of the Park of Abruzzo, but in some periods of the year the weather conditions force them, even to escape the wolves more and more present and aggressive, in particular areas where they can be photographed easily. Females and young do not presents problems of any kind, while the males are a bit more elusive. But the winter snow forces them to come to share more low and, knowing where they are, they are also quite easy to photograph. Moreover, with a good dose of luck, it could be possbile spotting wolves on their trail or while feeding on some carcass.

Period: January / February
Duration: 3 days
Group: participants 4-5 at least

The Night Photography

Night photography represent a very special kind that requires specific techniques. Most difficulties in this type of photography, at least in the areas of central Italy, came from light pollution that causes that there are few good areas. But in some places and with special conditions are still possible to get clear skies and free (or almost) of light pollution.

Period: all year
Duration: 1 day
Group: participants 4-5 at least


The Macro Photography

I started taking pictures, far more than thirty years ago now, doing macro photography. This is an area that fascinates me and gratifies me a lot today. If it's true that the subjects for macro are available and relatively common, is equally true that a good macro isn't simple. This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn the right techniques to get good macro photos.

Period: from May to September
Duration: 1 day
Group: 2 participants at least


Matese Lake

Many years ago, I found this place in a fairly populated area, the south of Campania region. In summer the lake Matese does not offer a great show but in winter the place becomes one of the absolute most beautiful place I've ever seen in Italy. This is due to special conditions of wind and cold that cause the lake ice completely (we are at 1300 meters), and that the ice carved present, because of the wind, offering sensational photographic opportunities. The crystal clear air and the presence of snow-capped mountains near the lake, then, make that we will see amazing sunrises and sunsets. If you come to this place not simenticherete easily.

Period: June / July / August
Duration: 2 days
Group: 4 participants at least



Posta Fibreno Lake

In the south of Lazio, in the province of Frosinone lies the Lake of Posta Fibreno a true gem for those who want to photograph animals and environment. The area is ​​nature reserve with free admission and offers some huts which capture the species present. In particular, it's a nesting area for ducks and coots. The latter especially are so confident to do the nests on the shores. So it's possible to photograph the nesting of this animal and all stages of its ethology. In particular, the period when the young goes out of the nest offers truly remarkable photographic opportunities. The lake provides shelter, in addition, many other species of birds.

Period: June / July / August
Duration: 1 day
Group: 3-4 participants

The Plain of Emperor Field

The plain of Campo Imperatore is an exceptional environment for landscape photography. The massif of Corno Grande of Gran Sasso, dolomitic and imposing, stands at the end of the esplanade offering an exceptional scenary to photograph. The mountains around are reflected in small ponds. The area is one of the best in central Italy for night photography. The area is unreachable, due to the snow, in the middle of winter, but in all others periods it represents a spectacular environment for landscape photography.

Period: from May to November
Duration: 2 days
Group: participants at least 4-5



The Petrella Liri valleys

This area of Abruzzo, where it was born and flows the river Liri, is extremely convenient for photography. Immense beech forests, mountain valleys with dirt roads, gullies and cliffs offer an area of great interest to the photographer. In addition to some cliffs in the area, within easy reach, a breeding colony of Griffon vultures that in the right time you can photograph easily.

Period: June / July / August
Duration: 1 day
Group: 3-4 participants


The Semprevisa Mountain

This is my mountain, in the sense that it.s 'the most' close to where I live. Despite being the most high in the province of Latina, not estrememente high (1600 m) in winter time it offers some photographic opportunities both for the environment very well preserved and the priceless view of the pontinian plain, to the sea ​​and the Pontine Islands and, in the days more clear, to those of the Gulf of Naples.

Period: December / January / February
Duration: 1 day
Group: 2 participants at least



Campotosto Lake

To the east of the Gran Sasso massif extends the lake of Campotosto, an artificial lake that freezes in the winter months sometimes completely. In these situations, offers spectacular scenic photographic situations, especially at sunrise and sunset when the Gran Sasso massif stands out against the background of the frozen lake that glows red and pink colors absolutely fantastic.

Period: June / July / August
Duration: 2 days
Group: participants at least 4-5


The Plain of Castelluccio of Norcia

The plain of Castelluccio di Norcia is, probably, one of the most photographed places in Umbria and central Italy. This is especially true for the well-known phenomenon of flowering, when the cultivation of poppy, lentil and other essences tinged the plain as a palette of a painter. Actually this phenomenon is not easly photographed because it's variable throughout the year and not defined in time. In this case, given the impossibility of reservations even if not months before, the only way is a day trip. But the plain is magic even in winter when it freezes entirely. It 'also a great area for night photography.

Period: June / July or winter
Duration: 1-2 days
Group: at least 4 participants



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