The online magazine UNIVERSO FOTO has published an article of mine:
I'm always happy when it happens;
And not out of hedonism or a sense of personal complacency. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't care about this. I am pleased because it is another way of sharing what I do with other people with the same passion as me and that I do not know.
And maybe I'll be even happier if someone wants to share the photo and video content on this website and on my social channels.
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My first and fundamental passion, as those who follow me know, is photography. This is a photography website and its contents are photographic. It has always been like that, it is like that now and it will always be like that.
But in recent years I have approached the world of Video and Filmmaking which has captured me not a little. I've actually always made videos everywhere I went but they were mostly just travel reports or jobs without much ambition. A couple of years ago, however, I was commissioned to document an event in my city, and from there I started working in video direction. The resulting work was discreet and this encouraged me to devote myself more carefully to these jobs, also thanks to the lockdowns we all had to undergo for the covid.
Now I am creating, for the same client and with the patronage of the Municipality of Latina, a documentary film on the pollution of plastics and microplastics in our seas. It was a very complex and tiring job but I think the final product is of an absolute level.
I think I will add a video section to the site because the content is piling up and I want to share it with you when I can.

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New entry

In my photographic equipment there has been a recent new entry. In fact, I recently purchased a new and shiny 5Ds-R. It is the top of the Canon range as far as the sensor megapixels are 50.
I had long needed a camera with such extreme features. It is a very special camera that is capable of providing crazy detail. But precisely because of the large number of pixels of the sensor, it is a camera that is difficult to use and that does its best in certain photographic sectors. I will use it practically only for landscape and macro photography. And I'm sure it will give me enormous satisfaction.
I preferred to take the "R" version because it does not have a low pass filter (or anti-aliasing) and this increases its yield in sharpness even more. I have not yet had occasion to test it well on the field but I will do it soon. If you want to know more, visit the official Canon website.
In addition, I also purchased a drone with excellent performance, the Hubsan Zino. I have already done some shooting and I had a lot of fun. I think that soon I will publish some videos on the site and on my Youtube and Facebook channels. Stay tune!






























"The videocourse presented in these web pages responds to a double requirement matured over the years: on the one hand, the request of my students, many of whom have not yet had the opportunity to participate in one of my front courses or in my workshops for reasons related to work or family, in addition to physical distance in some cases, and on the other, the attempt to mediate a form of communication and divulgation that, in other countries, has now almost superseded the classic physical relationship student-teacher. I realized it by participating in sessions of online workshops with great masters of nature photography such as Frans Lanting, Tom Mangelsen and Art Wolfe. It was a very hard work that presupposed a preparation and an application on the field precise and exhausting. Technical shooting difficulties were not few. In the end the result is what I present and that is only the first of these you experiment. I hope you appreciate and want to choose it. Good lessons "





















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