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Nick Brandt is widely recognized as one of the most great photographers that exist today. His landscapes and especially the Black and Withe African wildlife is really something magical.

Hans Strand is, without doubt, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, existing landscape photographer. Ranges, with his Hasselblad, from the deserts to the Arctic, from the higer mountains to the coasts, bringing us beautiful images of rare beauty and elega

Art Wolf is a myth for those who love nature photography. It 's probably the photographer who, more' than others, made known to the general public the world of nature photography, through documentaries and television series of great success.

Jhon Shaw is one of the greatest North American photographers. He has published numerous books and he is one of the major existing travel photographers.

Adam Gibbs is a British photographer currently residing in Canada and witness of the wonderful nature of that country and North America in general. Paragliding enthusiast and practitioner is able to transport us with its magical images in remote places.

Miguel Lasa is, for me, the greatest wildlife photographer that I know. His photographs of birds of prey, mammals, particularly of the Arctic regions, have a unique style and are a poster of nature and its representatives.

Ronnie Gaubert, has certainly been one of the photographers who most influenced my way of photographing. His photographs of the marshes of Louisiana are poems as are his images of birds. He is considered one of the greatest living macro pothographers and just look at his images to be in agreement. His death leaves a void in all of us.

Isabel Diez is a very talented photographer of Spanish landscape with a very personal style. As she herself says "Light and the distribution of space are the tools that I use to create atmospheres that my evoke different states of my mind".

Stefano Unterthiner is, certainly one of the most famous Italian photographers of nature. Specializing mainly in the alpine wildlife, has won numerous competitions and has received prestigious awards such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Use the high keys very in an outstanding way and its beautiful minimalist interpretations are famous all over the world.

Floris Van Breguel is a young Californian photographer specialized in American landscapes from the deserts to the coast to beautiful parks. In the future I think it is one of the most 'promising nature photographers.

Peter Lik is a great landscape photographer from Australia who lives in USA specializes in American landscscapes. He works with a Linhof Panorama Camera so his landscapes are spectacular. One of them named "ONE" has been sold for one milion of dollars.

Patrick Di Fruscia is an World Visionary Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer. Constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory, he personally thinks that the learning curve is endless, and he has only himself to criticize when he feels that he is not living up to his artistic endeavors.

Olgeir Andresson is a native Icelander born 17 jan 1956 in Reykjavik.  Now live on the Reykjanes peninsular in the town of Reykjanesbaer. He is a true keeper of the Northern Lights, this eerily beautiful phenomenon that mankind has gazed upon in wonderment down the ages. He is mainly concentrated on aurora capturing, which has become my trade mark and I am known for. 

Ian Plant is 'a talented landscape american photographer author of many books of photography. Ian's mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain others in the art of nature photography. To that end, Ian Launched the Dreamscapes photoblog, 'which is now a collaborative blog Involving several other professional photographers.

Miki Asai is an extraordinary Japanese macro-photographer that proposes , in every her shot, a refined and very intimate vision , as only Orientals can do, about the world of little life. In particular, his subjects always seem to be immersed in a world water, alien in the forms and colors.


Personal website of the author mainly oriented to sea and to the collection and study of molluscs.


Section nature of the official website of the County of Latina, containing many images of the author.

Popular Tirrenic University of Natural Sciences, which of the author is Vice President and Director of Learning, has been operating for 10 years now in the city of Latina, in research, study and protection of the natural environment and organization of events (exhibitions , conferences, competitions etc..) major national and international level.


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