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My name is Alberto B. Scalia: I was born in Tripoli (Libia) on 2th may of 1960. I live in Latina, close to Rome, on the border of the Natural Park of Circeo, that today is really assailed but presents excellent natural resources too. From when I was a child, helped by the extreme nature of my born country, I was really attracted to the wild nature and animals. I started photographing at the age of eighteen with a 35 mm Practika that I used to steal to my father. At the beginning I was atrracted by macro that is my preferred genus still. Later I bought my first Nikon, the extension tube and the macro bellows, and from that point the passion for photograpy never let me. On 1999 I funded, togheter other partners, the Tirrenical Popular University of Natural Sciences ( and I'm today Vicepresident and Didactic Director. For this association I managed, in the latest 4 years, the realization of the naturalistic website of the Latina County that contain hundred of photograps of my database regarding insects, birds, molluscs and landscapes ( So, today, I work for the nature pratically fulltime. In 2001 I had a bad injury that kept me away from photography for many years and when I began I started to use the digital sistem. Working in the field of graphic editing, I like to use all the possibilities that these sistems offer, but I believe that every digital graphic elaboration has to remain inside the feeling of the click moment, that only the author know. In this sense, I justify soft intervents on the digital image, that has not to be changed in its ebscence and athmosphere. Toghether with photograpy I've, today, two great passions: the sea and diving, and the malacology with collection and study of shells. You can read about this on my work website ( In 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 I was curator of the International exhibitions on marine biodiversity "Gems in the Blue" within which I have set my numerous photographs. In particular, in 2009, within the aforementioned shows, was added to the international competition of nature photography "Instants of Nature - from thousandth to infinity", of which I was chief director and president of the jury. In 2005 I had the opportunity to meet one of the greatest Italian documentary filmmakers and photographers of nature and sea Folco Quilici having been editor and speaker at the presentation of two of his last novels. Currently I work with some photographic associations (Factory10 of Latina) for which I carry out photography courses and workshops in the field. I also organize workshops in Italy and Europe in the countries that I had the good fortune to visit. I currently planning some travel photography that I hope to share with friends photographers.





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